Private & exclusive events

Predefined, thematic or customized tours and much more


Wide variety of vintage vehicles, from different times for all preferences and styles. The panoramic vans are perfect for a pleasant and fun trip towards happiness, alone or with members of the bridal parade (max 8 people). Other alternative vehicles available, from the 30s until the 90s, including a classic jeep and motorcycle with sidecar. If you are looking for a memorable vehicle for a very special moment, guaranteed professionalism and friendliness, there is a lot to choose and not much to hesitate. Please contact us!


The tours with Let’s Kombi are aimed both at vintage car lovers and those who enjoy new experiences in a comfortable, relaxed and personalized way. The famous kombies, restored with detail, are one of the attractions from these tours with an appealing open top roof for the panoramic and strategic photos and videos. Only private tours, guided by a professional aware of the value of the traditional culture and history, willing to share the discoveries at every corner.

Events & Advertising

Located in Porto, but always on wheels to move around, Let’s Kombi is available for stimulating projects from photographers, filmmaking, marketing and others. If you wish to know more about models and features from available vehicles, or how to include them in respective script, you just need to contact, including for technical support of automobile expertise and other relevant information. The team of Let’s Kombi will always respond according to the challenges, meeting the interests of a highly skilled knowledge.